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Immerse yourself in a Sci-Fi world and solve interactive tasks with your colleagues.

from £469/$649
Group size

Activity highlights

Delivered via videocall software and the web
Ideal for team building and teamwork skills
Hosted in English or Spanish
No apps or downloads

Event description

You are part of a pioneering intergalactic project that will discover new ways to generate energy. Along with your teammates you will enter the Citadel, the most efficient generator in the cosmos. You will only have a few minutes for each challenge, so don't waste a single second.

At the scheduled time, participants enter the call and meet the Game Master, who gives them a quick briefing and access to the game. After making sure that everybody is ready, participants are divided into smaller groups and the competition begins.

Each team is divided into two smaller subgroups who must coordinate to solve interactive games. Players face a series of challenges designed to test their personal skills and teamwork abilities. Throughout the game, teams see a real-time ranking of the competition and can request the help of the Game Masters if needed.

Once all the teams have finished the game, the event ends by announcing the winners and letting teams share their experience.

By taking employees away from their usual setting and putting them in a recreational situation, the perfect environment is created to work on soft skills, strengthen competencies, and promote company values.

The best part? All this happens organically while the participants take part in a unique and fun experience with their colleagues.

What's included

  • Event coordinator
  • Access to the web-based game platform
  • Supervised play
  • Help system with Clues and a Support Chat
  • Customisation of the game platform with the client's corporate image

What you need

  • List of all the participants separated by teams of 4-6 people
  • PC / laptop with a camera
  • Earphones / headphones
  • Reliable Internet connection
  • Videocall software (Zoom, MS Teams, Google Meet)
  • Latest version of Google Chrome
  • Server tests

Pricing and capacity

Up to 20 people
Up to 30 people
Up to 40 people
Over 50 people?
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Cancellation policy

After a booking has been made, Client rescheduling within 2 weeks or less of the event date is subject to a fee equal to 25% of the total fee.
After a booking has been made, Client rescheduling within 72 hours or less of the event date is subject to a fee equal to £150 or 50% of the total fee whichever is greater will be applied at the time of your re-booking. Your event must be rescheduled within 365 days of your original event date.

CANCELLATION, LOW-SHOW, AND NO-SHOW POLICY: No refunds will be issued for reduced event participant headcount turnout at an event (“Low-Show”), zero participant turnout at an event (“No-Show”), and/or event cancellation. If you provide notice at least 72 hours in advance of the event for a Low-Show, No-Show, or cancellation then credit towards a future event may be issued in accordance to the rescheduling policy above. Any credit issued will be in accordance with the rescheduling policy above and must be utilized within 365 days of your original event date.

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