How to host the perfect bridal shower

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Being chosen to host a bridal shower is a real honour, but the pressure to throw the perfect party can be the source of a lot of stress. Dealing with competing personalities amongst the bridal party, planning logistics and trying to make everything just right for the bride-to-be can be a little overwhelming, which is why these tips and tricks for pulling off a no-stress, the fun-filled party are sure to come in handy.

Set a date

Bridal showers typically take place one to three months ahead of the wedding. Consult with the bride-to-be for the date and time that best suits her. For convenience, she may also synchronise other pre-wedding activities, like the bridesmaids’ hair and makeup trial or dress fitting, to fall on the same weekend.

Guest list

If the bridal shower isn’t a surprise, you should ask the bride-to-be to help you create a guest list. Typically, it will include all female family members of both the bride and groom, girlfriends, bridesmaids, and sometimes even neighbours and colleagues. Alternatively, the bride-to-be might prefer to let the groom in on the fun and have a ‘couple shower’ instead. Keep in mind that people who aren’t invited to the wedding shouldn’t be invited to the bridal shower either.


Choosing a theme will add cohesion to your bridal shower and facilitate other planning decisions like selecting a venue and styling the décor. Consider the leading lady’s personality – is she a foodie, fashionista, film buff or party girl? Building on her preferences will give the bridal shower a personal touch that’ll really make the bride-to-be feel special.


Are you arranging a brunch, afternoon tea, cocktail party, sit-down dinner, or, as is becoming more and more popular, a group activity, like a cooking lesson or fitness class? Choose a venue that best fits your theme or book a venue that comes with some ‘built-in’ activities, like a wine course from a sommelier or a cake decorating class, because this will save you time trying to come up with ideas on your own.


While it’s not necessary to give favours to guests as they depart, it’s becoming more common, especially if the bridal shower has a theme or activity the gift can tie into. Guests at a tea party could receive a custom tea blend, while guests at a garden party brunch could take home a miniature potted herb.